Rideau Construction

Health Assessment

Thought it was informative and interesting.  Jennifer did a fantastic job, very warm and personable. 

I think it was great...good to have an idea where we stand health wise...not to mention a good eye opener for some people.  I think be healthy physically and mentally is very important!!  Jennifer was awesome!

Jennifer was a wealth of information. I learned a lot about my current diet and what I need to do to change it. She was very good at explaining how different types of foods worked in your body, and what changes I needed, to make me healthier. I now understand the physical reactions my body goes through each day and the reasons why. All along I have been eating the wrong food at the wrong time and didn't even know it. Example: A banana for a mid morning snack is full of sugar - not good, .... and I thought I was doing well. Yogurt with nuts is better. Who would have thought small changes like this would make a difference.

I thought it was great – very informative – interesting hand-outs --------- and I especially enjoyed the hand massage to get the “old” blood flowing.

I found the session to be very informative. I did not realize how much sugar there is in everything, including fruit. Hopefully I can put her ideas to use.Jennifer was great. Seemed to know her stuff & presented well.
Jim S


Crosby Molasses

Health Assessments

I was advised to see my Family Doctor because of a high score in the Epworth Sleepiness Scale. My Doctor was familiar with the screening and sent me to a specialist. I am now being investigated for a sleeping disorder and now I know this tiredness is not in my head but a real thing. I am looking foreword to a future with more sleep; this was all made possible by having a health assessment.

I was told I should see my family Doctor because all of my screening cholesterol levels were elevated and because I have a strong family history of heart disease. The Doctor ordered blood tests which verified the high cholesterol. I am very thankful that my employer provided me with the opportunity to have a Health Assessment. Without the health assessment I would never have know my risk.


Occupational Health Nurse

I had no idea why I felt so tired and light headed all the time. Jennifer took my blood sugar and found it to be low on several occasions. Jennifer taught me what I should eat and how often to keep my blood sugar stable in a normal range. I took her advice and now my blood sugar test is normal.  I have so much more energy and I am not light headed any more. It is so great to have her here to help us!

Business Health Matters provides nursing services to our company on a monthly basis. I had an appointment with Jennifer to discuss the chronic pain in my arm and neck. Through diagnostic measures my Doctor has discover some anatomical reasons for this pain and wants me to see a Neurosurgeon. In the meantime he has prescribed two types of narcotic medications for pain which I have been taking 3 times per day. Jennifer made the suggestion of having an ergonomic assessment to help reduce the discomfort in my neck and arm. I had the assessment on March 26. With in two weeks of the assessment my condition began to change and the requirement for pain medication lessened to the point where I have stopped all the pain medication. Work and after-work life satisfaction has now been increased dramatically, leaving me extremely appreciative. April 26 I had an appointment with my family physician, he concurs that the improvement in my condition is the direct result of the ergonomic assessment and changes that were recommended to my workstation. I am far more optimistic and in a much better state of health to see the neurosurgeon next month.
Jennifer, I want to take this opportunity to thank you in writing for your care and concern and follow-up which has made such a positive impact in my daily life-enjoyment!

New Brunswick Human Resource Association

Conference Candidate

"Everyone needs to hear what Jennifer Blackwood has to say about health matters. She is a compelling speaker. In her presentation, I found her to be very knowledgeable and sensible, with great wisdom to share.

She has the ability to simplify and clearly state complex issues so they are easily accessible and understandable to everyone.

In the matter of food in relation to your health, she will rivet your attention and motivate you to make positive changes in your lifestyle.I highly recommend Jennifer Blackwood and the work she does."
Kathy Carr, Lifestyle Consultant and Practitioner of Reiki & Healing Touch


The Dioceses of Saint John

With all the education we have had because of our daughter Sarabeths diabetes, this is the best education on the details of diabetes that I’ve ever had!
Theresa Rogers


RIDEAU Construction Inc.

Hi Jennifer:

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the education sessions that you conduct through Business Health Matters. Along with being armed with great information on eating healthy, I have also gained, from your sessions, how important it is to strive for a balance between nutrition, exercise and mental fitness. Sharing this information with my family has also promoted a more healthy eating practice – my children, ages 11 to 12, are now reading food labels and questioning my wife and I on what the labels mean. They realize that there are healthier food choices available to them, and they are not afraid to experiment with “different”, yet healthier food options. It’s a good start in encouraging a healthy lifestyle. Thanks again for the great work that you do.


Barry Spalding Intervention Program

Thank you. For me, it has been a real lifestyle change and I have been working very hard as I want to lose a lot of weight and this competition gave me the kick start that I needed. I look forward to continuing on the healthy path and would love to get down to my goal weight.
I have really enjoyed the information sessions as well.Thanks for all of your help in getting me healthy.Have a great day!!


Barry Spalding Intervention Program

Our firm took part in the Business Health Matters program which we appropriately name Small Steps Big Strides.  The program was for 9 nine weeks.  I can say that I never walked so much before in my life.  I have always been a walker since I was a child but when we started the program some of the people got a bit competitive so I thought okay I can take on the challenge.  It was a great nine weeks.  The more I walked the more energy I got, I started eating better as well because in each three week period we had to focus on different nutritional items such as fiber, protein and calcium.  I also started sleeping better at night.  Before starting the program I would wake up through the night about two or three times or be restless most of the night.  Now I sleep through the whole night and feel much better rested in the morning.

Near the end of the day I used to be sluggish and sometimes have to pull over on the way home (I have a 30 minute drive to home) or else go off the road because I was falling asleep.  This only happens now when I know I have stayed up too late the night before.  I have so much more energy now and the best thing of all was that I lost 12 pounds.  I would recommend Health Matters Inc. to anyone.  Jennifer has a wonderful program with physical benefits for everyone if they work at it.

Oh I forgot to mention the prizes.  They are great too.  I won a bike for my daughter, but of course I use it more than she does.

Thank you Jennifer for everything.

Rideau Construction Intervention Program

Jennifer ,
I am feeling better but my wallet is not, my pants size is down from 36 to 34.  and it was the first time in 12 years that I put a medium T-shit on the weekend. So this is my story, I did not measure myself yet but if it’s required I will.

City of Fredericton

Dear Jennifer,
Hope all is going well with you in this New Year.  The last time you did a health assessment, I had regressed and I was rather disgusted with myself since there was no excuse.  It is a matter of self-discipline as you pointed out and of course I was equipped with knowledge of what I needed to do to make it all happen (nutrition, eating habits, and active living).

I am pleased to say that I went on a program of fitness and healthier eating since January going from 184 pounds down to 160 as of today.  My goal is to continue weight reduction down to about 150 lbs since I’m only 5’-4 in bare feet.  Somebody a few months back said that I looked like Alfred Hitchcock.  At that moment I challenged myself to prove him wrong and get back into shape.  I meet with a personal trainer once a week and I am on a 1600 cal diet until I reach my goal weight.  My trainer has helped me to develop a graduated program of muscle strength, joint flexibility and cardio workout.  I couldn’t have done it just wandering in to Nubody’s alone.  I bought a new 18 speed touring bike so with the nice weather, I hope to get out cycling more and I’m still officiating junior football having helped at 2 games this past weekend.

Just thought you would be interested to know that your council has not been wasted on me.

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