Advisory Board

Business Health Matters board of advisors is composed of diverse background seasoned executives whose business acumen, knowledge of the business marketplace, and proven experience in guiding companies have been key factors in their success. In their advisory role, BHM's board of advisors has helped to craft a compelling vision, advance our strategic initiatives and build strong network to ensure long-term growth.

Dora Nicinski, RN, BSN, MSc:

Dora Nicinski is the President and CEO of Atlantic Health Sciences Corporation (AHSC). Prior to joining AHSC, Ms. Nicinski was the CEO of the North Okanagan Health Region in Vernon, BC. A registered nurse and career health professional, she has over 16 years of experience as a hospital administrator and healthcare consultant in British Columbia. She has managed hospitals in several B.C. communities and oversaw the establishment of the province’s first regional health authority.

Having worked with three regional health authorities, Dora Nicinski have had ample opportunity to test different approaches to regional organizational structures. Dora's conclusion from learning to date is that a matrix organizational structure which is grounded in strategic objectives and values is the best option. That means that organizational structure will evolve as the strengths and objectives of the organization evolve.

Douglas C. Stanley, Q.C.

Douglas Stanley was appointed President & CEO of the Workplace Health, Safety and Compensation Commission of New Brunswick on November 15, 2000, reappointed for a term of five years, effective November 15, 2005. Doug involved in  Arbitration, Conciliation and Mediation in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta and Federal jurisdictions, both private and public sectors, particularly in Mining, Forestry, Shipbuilding, Long Shoring ,Railway, Municipal and Health Care and Education sectors, Chair Human Rights Board of Inquiry (NB), Mediator, Ottawa Civil Justice System Pilot Project.

He also held part time position as Vice-Chair of Ontario Labour Relations Tribunal and Chairman, Public Service Labour Relations Board in New Brunswick. He also published several articles in reputed journals and magazines to note Industrial Relations in the Construction Industry of New Brunswick (1974) New Brunswick Department of Labor, Stumbling Blocks to Developing a National Human Resource Strategy (1981) Canadian Business Review Vol. 8. No. 3 and  Res-Judicator in Administrative Law (1983) UNB Law Journal 32.

Murugan Kuppu Swamy, MBA
graduate from University of New Brunswick Saint John has an engineering background with a Master’s in Engineering. He has more than five years of experience in business analysis, consulting, process improvement and has worked for leading companies such as GE Healthcare, Tyco Electronics and HCL Technologies among others.  Murugan is a business and marketing consultant with BHM. His business analysis, project management experience and healthcare background can be particularly leveraged to shorten the website development time, to do market research and marketing. Murugan has been instrumental assisted BHM with the new business plan

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